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PowerZone Inc has more than just high-quality work, we also have high-quality technicians who combine years of experience in California with a strong work ethic. We are proud to say the PowerZone Inc team is ready for any project. We can look at a project and understand what your needs are and the best and most effective way we can meet them. Our commitment extends beyond just completing projects; we empower our customers with their electrical systems. Understanding what your expectations are with our electrical solutions in Los Angeles, California, and then surpassing them is what we strive to do!

white candlestick on classic vintage crystal chandeliers lighting

Lighting Specialists

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Installation of an electrical panel on a residential construction site in Oregon, U.S.A.

Commercial and Residential

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man installing home ev charger

Electric Vehicle Chargers

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two man repairing breaker panel

Panel Upgrades

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man holding folder in front of the circuit breaker

Electrical Planning and Estimating

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Working process on of electrical wires in installing electrical cable wire in new house construction site

New Construction and Remodels

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man repairing the breaker


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